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Well, there's this blog thing, out yonder in livejournal-land. It's all crap, as you'd expect, but if you feel like you want to look at it, you know, for laughs or somesuch, well, just mosey on over to And let 'em know I sent ya.


Ye Olde Crappe

The Lord of the Rings as written by project has been interesting. I felt strangely compelled to add three entries to the compendium. Unfortunately it appears that the original site with all the contributions seems to have disappeared. Some of that stuff was brilliant, and various people have put some of the entries elsewhere on the web. These were my contributions:

LOTR as written by Thomas Pynchon
LOTR as written by Queen
LOTR as written by James Crumley

This is some stuff that sorta popped out of my brain and ended up on my livejournal page. Quality, of course, is what one would expect from something that popped out of ones head and plopped down on a blog.

Earth's Blood
Last Call
a dream
Six Words - a story snippet inspired by 6 words overheard in a cafe

This was originally an email sent in response to a query about my identity. The victim - I mean, recipient - had started entertaining some ideas that I might, perhaps, be someone slightly more famous and accomplished than I am. His response, afterwards, was that I hadn't answered the question.

Midnight in the David Lynch Memorial Basement

I wrote these stories as part of the BMC/HC BBS phenomenon Starbucket, back in the early 90s. There's a half-dozen stories and partial stories in here. I may finish them one of these days. I may not. Regardless, I'm surprised by what i put together, hobbled out of a D&D character and whatnot. Surprised, and even sometimes proud.

Me and a Truck and 3 Women (and a Catheter) This is a recounting of the events of Aug 4, 1993.  



I've started throwing a few of my old papers from when I was actually, like, using my brain. Or something. All that stuff is here. Or some of all that stuff. Or something.

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